Trombonist, Conductor, Researcher


Thomas R. Moore is an accomplished conductor and trombonist, renowned for premiering works with ensembles like Nadar Ensemble, ICTUS, and ChampdAction. He has performed as a soloist at prestigious music festivals including the Darmstadt New Music Summer Course, Porto Franko Festival, and //hcmf. Holding multiple degrees in trombone performance, Moore's expertise is further amplified by his PhD in the Arts. Currently, he serves as the head of brass and a lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire, leading the research group Performance Practice in Perspective.

“The bleeding together of these experiences was grippingly disorienting. Was that dog barking on my street orone in Riga? Was that the noise of a motorcycle or a trombone?” -

Ross, Alexander, “Musicians and Composers Respond to a Chaotic Moment,” in The New Yorker 29.06.20